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Dan Fung, Founder and CEO of American Made Vape (AMV), is a successful, serial entrepreneur. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania, he has a unique ability and passion to unearth customer-centric insights that fuel consumer anticipation and build ground-breaking businesses.

At 26 years old, Dan devised a unique solution to reduce online credit card fraud - a dormant credit card that was only activated for the nanoseconds necessary to approve payment. Named PassGate CC, this idea was patented and sold to a venture capitalist for US$ 1 million.

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Next came, medical cannabis. Dan put his passion for improving life to learning all he could about this under-researched topic and the benefits it brings to pain relief and other ailments. This led to the role of Head of Extraction for Theraplant, one of the four Licensed MMJ Producers in the Connecticut MMJ program, to foresee real and important needs for the highest-quality vape pens.

In 2019, while analyzing existing vape pens, Dan saw that the majority are imported from China - where, not only is quality control scarce but the materials used could produce health-damaging effects in users. AMV is the genesis of this understanding and foresight and is focused on improving the lives of medical patients. Which is why AMV vape carts are 100% made in the USA with 0% heavy, toxic metals.

During his Theraplant days, Dan also discovered, in is vape oil tests, that nearly all the existing vape technology at the time was burning the oil too hot, and that the flower taste was indistinguishable from the oil it was made from. This brought him the realization that if the consumer can not "taste" the marijuana terpene flavor in the oil, the fullest medicinal / uplifting effects could not be achieved.

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Subsequently, Dan took this advanced understanding of terpenes and designed a branded line of low-temp vaping devices with the specific aim of allowing consumers to tase the cannabis terpenes in their vape products. As an extraction artist, Dan's unique point of view as a vape designer puts the conservation of the users' concentrate while maximizing the flavor and medicinal impact as a priority. In 2016, this gave birth to the development and introduction of four concentrate vape pen lines; winning multiple awards from High Times. 

More recently, Dan has filed a US patent for another revolution; specifically for vape cartridge use. 'The Double' is an auto-draw concealed double vape battery that is ergonomically designed to hit two 510 thread vape cartridges, simultaneously. With 'The Double', consumers can mix and match different pairings of vape oil carts - limited only by their imagination. 1:1 vape blends using CBD cart and THC cart pairings. Or Sativa / Indica hybrid pairings of favorite strains. Or even CBD / CBD pairing of 2 different kinds of CBD strains for a blended medicinal vape effect can all be achieved. All of which provide fast-acting, broad cannabinoid receptor-activating relief.

Combining depth of expertise, an unquenching desire for innovation and unique ability to understand consumer demand and need, Dan continues to develop businesses and products for the betterment of us all. American Made Vape is his newest and, possibly, most exciting venture to date. 

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