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China-made vape carts are failing for heavy metals in California lab testing. These and other unregulated carts have already caused toxin poisoning in the USA, with hospitals reporting increased admittances due to vape-related illnesses.

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AMERICAN MADE VAPE carts are the only disposable vape cartridge (for medicinal and recreational use) that are 100% made in America with 0% heavy metals

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The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement set the legal precedent that a company that knowingly sells a toxic product can be held financially liable. This means our products allow our distributors to significantly reduce their liability related to selling products with components containing heavy, toxic metals.


What's more, AMERICAN MADE VAPE carts are guaranteed-clean vape carts manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the USA. By sourcing component parts from a trusted US-based company means that AMV will remain accountable for our GMP certified production practices in United States Courts of Law.

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To ensure our consumers are able to find our clean metal products, AMV will maintain an online Vendor List of our exclusive distributor partners by market; directing consumers to our distributor partners committed to a vape future without heavy metal concerns. This will be a list of 'good' operators that care about their consumers' lung health and committed to buying from an American-made source. 

Distributors / vendors that exclusively sell AMV vape carts will be given an AMV Exclusive Partner Emblem as further reassurance to consumers.

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Dan Fung is the founder of AMV. Established to be the premier supplier of guaranteed-clean vape carts to the medical world, the company is passionately committed to innovations, clean metals and GMP certified production processes. 


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Carts made from unregulated 'pot' metals are poisoning vapers.

AMERICAN MADE VAPE is the only manufacturer that guarantees where its products are made and what they are made from - 100% American 0% heavy metals. It's time to vape safe with AMERICAN MADE VAPE.



For distributors interested in AMV products, please contact:

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